ReCentred’s Founder

“Mel has a calm and reassuring presence.
Her compassion and professionalism make her brilliant at what she does”

(workshop participant)

Melanie Menell – founder of Re-Centred, has spent more than 27 years immersed in the world of personal development as a practitioner. 

Melanie sees herself as a seeker, who remains committed to discovering and exploring the most effective and powerful cutting edge styles of personal transformation.

As a Transpersonal Psychotherapist she has a fully integrative way of working which includes all levels of understanding of our development and needs as growing evolving individuals. The transpersonal style is a very flexible and spiritual way of seeing clients, with a specific emphasis on the potentiality of healing, mind and spirit, paying attention to what is emergent and wanting to be expressed in each individual.

As a psychotherapist  and counsellor, her calm, soothing presence, empathy and perspicacity, combined with her passion for transforming people’s lives, mean she is able to engage, support and facilitate growth and inner and outer blossoming of individuals in a group and one-to-one setting. Her serenity and her gentle approach allow a profound change to take place in each individual. Through personal mastery, she has overcome her own personal challenges. She knows how to traverse the deeper areas of emotion with people; to be alongside them and help guide them through emotional breakthroughs.

Over the years Mel has developed and facilitated her own workshops, as well as assisting and facilitating dozens of other trainings in the More to Life Systems, and with Dr P.L. (Mick) MacKenzie in Self-Actualisation Learning Technology.  She is a mentor in the More To Life community, teaching “Power of Purpose’ courses. She has studied Ken Wilbers Evolutionary theories, and Anthony Robbin’s coaching material, and engaged extensively with Thomas Hubl’s teachings. And most recently the transpersonal, at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education, London. She is also a Mother of two children. Her background as a Fine Artist (BAHons) also informs her practice, embracing aspects of our creative imagination to become an integral aspect of what she offers a psychotherapist. She has also utilised her intuitive healing abilities as a Reiki master.

UKCP registered Trainee Psychotherapist, fully insured.

If you would to work with Mel in any capacity, contact her by clicking here.