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Melanie Menell - ReCentred - Empowerment & Inspiration WorkshopModern day life places so much pressure on women today. Attend an Empowerment and Inspiration workshop to avoid ‘buying into’ the pressure and letting it take over your life!

Empowerment and Inspiration for Women is a one-day workshop which will help you Re-discover your true life’s purpose and find a sense of joy and satisfaction through living a life that is spirited and motivated.

During the workshop, we empower, enliven and transform – redirecting the negative flow of limiting beliefs towards creating more empowering behaviours.


We explore what is holding you back from creating what you really want in your life, and bring forward the real you; identifying your real desires and dreams, then putting steps in place to start realising those dreams.

It is a common issue to habitually create more of what we don’t want in our lives, rather than spending time to stop and recognise what we truly do want!

By changing our thoughts, we can change our direction.

Get Re-Centred and Re-discover the true You! £175 day 10-5.30pm

Reconnect with your passion!

Why Women?

Women coming together, sharing similar experiences, offering support to one another, creates a powerful forum for mutual growth. Together we are more!

During the class, it’s not only your mind that will change – your cells will too!
Prepare to leave the class feeling happier and younger, with greater clarity and sense of purpose!

ReCentred Workshops - Empowerment & Inspiration

Do you prefer One-to-One attention? 

Melanie also offers individual intuitive coaching; bringing you out to achieve the most you can, and be the best you can.

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