Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing from Melanie Menell - ReCentred

Reiki is an ancient art of channelling energy to help heal, calm and relax the mind and body. It originated in Japan, but has become a widespread therapy which can work alongside any other therapies.

This technique is an effective and wonderfully calming experience, to receive and to give.

Mel is a Reiki Master and teaches Reiki to anybody who is interested in using this as a way of working.

Reiki can be taught, over one day for each Level -1, 2 and 3. But it is best to learn with a few months, at least in between each level, to experience and practice the learnings. Level 1,2 £125 per day. Level 3 £225.

Each level builds on the previous level, and gives you a unique set of symbols, knowledge and experience to use in your own spiritual growth and unfoldment, and also to offer to others or even pets.