Recentred – The Approach

Coaching from Melanie Menell - ReCentred

Recentred’s approach to psychotherapy and healing is transpersonal.

When we think about being Recentred, we can imagine coming back to the centre of our being as the way we can orientate ourselves in the world, and this way we can navigate a true and healthy path ahead, abiding by a graceful and wise, more noble self.

It’s possible to get lost when we are not at our centre-when we have somehow been blown off course by life’s challenges, and only paying attention to a more fear based reality.

However, if we can take time to steady ourselves, and recognise the issues that are preventing us from truly developing the life we want, there is a chance to really become in alignment with our soul purpose: the one we all were born with.

Becoming Re-centred is like re-membering our calling, what we most long for in our hearts, which so often we can ignore or override: a happier, fulfilling and vivacious spirit calling us out to play.

When we lose touch with this aspect, we might become anxious, fearful, repeating a cycle of negative behaviour, or indulging in addictive habits.

By noticing and attending to these patterns of behaviour, we can reset our course, and this process of inner discovery can literally bring us home, and set us back on our true path.

Recentred. Whole again.

This extract below, from a novelist Nicole Krauss, gives some insight into the style of work and the ethos, that is at the core of Recentred’s approach:

“It’s a strange thing about the human mind that, despite its capacity and its abundant freedom, its default is to function in a repeating pattern. It watches the moon and the planets, the days and seasons, the cycle of life and death all going around in an endless loop, and unconsciously, believing itself to be nature, the mind echoes these cycles. Its thoughts go in loops, repeating patterns established so long ago we often can’t remember their origin, or why they ever made sense to us. And even when these loops fail over and over again to bring us to a desirable place, even while they entrap us, and make us feel anciently tired of ourselves, and we sense that sticking to their well-worn path means we’ll miss contact with the truth every single time, we still find it nearly impossible to resist them. We call these patterns of thought our “nature” and resign ourselves to being governed by them as if they are the result of a force outside of us, the way that the seas are governed — rather absurdly, when one thinks about it — by a distant and otherwise irrelevant moon.

And yet it is unquestionably within our power to break the loop; to “violate” what presents itself as our nature by choosing to think — and to see, and act — in a different way. It may require enormous effort and focus. And yet for the most part it isn’t laziness that stops us from breaking these loops, it’s fear. In a sense, one could say that fear is the otherwise irrelevant moon that we allow to govern the far larger nature of our minds.” Nicole Krauss (novelist).

I see this work as illuminating the side of the moon, whereby we bring to light those fears, and become conscious of our true nature – becoming Recentred at the heart of our being. This is the core of where we belong.

“Reality is what we take to be true. What we take to be true is what we believe… What we believe determines what we take to be reality.” David Bohn.

This ‘Recentred’ approach can help with these issues:

Anxiety                 Addictions                      Self Esteem                                 Bereavement

Depression           Eating Disorders           Career/work/life balance        Sexuality issues

Relational.            Suicidal thoughts.        Postpartum stress/anxiety.