Pathways of Light toward inner wellbeing…

Reiki Healing from Melanie Menell - ReCentredReiki Healing:
As an experienced Reiki Master, Melanie offers safe and professional hands on healing, having transformed the lives of hundreds of individuals with her deep and compassionate healing…


Intuitive Readings from Melanie Menell - ReCentredCounselling 
One to one counselling, which is a transpersonal approach. Allowing your true spirit and power to emerge whilst working on any blockages in the way of this.


Coaching from Melanie Menell - ReCentred
One-to-one Coaching
With a wealth of experience facilitating trainings in all kinds of personal development systems, Melanie provides powerful coaching, specifically tailored to the needs of the individual. If you want to work with someone who will compassionately empower you to reach your highest potential, book a telephone or face-to-face session today! Click here to send your booking request