Some kind words

“I have attended a number of Mel’s workshops over the past few years and most memorably I’ve received Reiki treatments and coaching. One of the first things I noticed about her is how in-tune she is with her own emotions, and importantly, the changes in the emotional, physical and spiritual lives of the people she meets, tutors and treats. Working with Mel really helped me to re-balance my body and mind and re-discover my true self. After having three children this was something I desperately needed. I was able to shed the ‘baggage’ that often made me feel sluggish and despondent and adopt a whole new way of reviewing and coping with the everyday and the unexpected. After a course of Reiki treatments, I felt amazingly re-vitalised – almost angelic. The shift in my own energies was remarkable. Mel has been integral to this life-changing journey and I now try to get involved with all the new courses she offers.”

Mrs L

“I came to see Mel at a time when life was difficult. With three young children and a high-powered job to manage, combined with a number of personal challenges including a recent house fire, major surgery and bereavements, I was feeling anxious and down. She came to my rescue by helping me to untangle a complicated web of feelings and worries, using a variety of tools and techniques drawn from her 17 years experience. Under her care and guidance, I began to heal. I started to see clearly again and to live my life differently, on my terms and at my pace. Mel has helped me recover my poise and my sense of self. Thank you!”

Local business woman, mum of 3

“Before my session with Mel I felt confused and unsure of what I wanted from a job as I had been out of work for ten years. I knew I wanted something that fitted around having small children but wasn’t sure of a direction. Working with Mel allowed me to realise my core values and creative spirit. She helped me validate my initial thoughts and gave me confidence. I left after our session feeling empowered and ready to embrace opportunities whilst maintaining my long term goals. I have since found employment and am grateful to her for all her valuable time and encouragement.”

Thank you Mel x
Mrs S

“To say Mel is intuitive is a huge understatement and doing her a complete disservice. She seems to have a sixth sense as to what’s going on under the surface for you as a client! What that means for you the client is that she is able to ask the most penetrating questions for you to search with. She also holds an incredibly safe space for you to work on really sensitive stuff and do the incredibly creative visualisations she guides you through. Her sixth sense is very apparent.”

Mark Newey
Coach, Author and Speaker