Transpersonal Psychotherapy-FAQ’s

What does transpersonal therapy mean?

Transpersonal therapy means ‘beyond the personal’ which means it is a way to include many different aspects of one’s being, not just one dimension. This type of therapy aims to be integral, and more holistic in its outlook, whilst still offering a very strong basis psychoanalytically.

What is having therapy like?

Therapy usually is undertaken on a weekly basis, face to face, or more commonly since the pandemic, online.

Therapy needs to have a regular rhythm so it can be successful, this regularity means a certain level of commitment is required to ensure it becomes part of a habit, in terms of thinking, understanding, and adopting new behaviours. We all need support to make changes, and the therapeutic relationship is a key to this. My intention as a therapist is to offer a collaborative atmosphere, where the client can grow and evolve at their own pace, and feel supported every step of the way.

How long might therapy need to be for/how will I know when I can move on?

Each case is unique, and will require different lengths of treatment. The therapy I offer is open ended, in this way it is unstructured, but may mean that at the point a client feels they are ready to end, or I as clinician feels client is ready to explore ending, we would begin to naturally draw things to a close. Endings are considered an important part of the therapy, and therefore carefully considered on a case by case basis.

I am worried about sharing sensitive information, what will this mean for me as a client?

Everything shared with me is completely confidential in line with the UKCP ethics and guidelines. Only in the event of a serious threat to either yourself, or perhaps others would I need to break confidentiality.

How do I begin therapy, or find out more?

I offer an initial 20 min call for enquiries. in this call we would explore if I can support you, and what your requirements might be. We would discuss the logistics of how we might work together, and if you need more information it is an opportunity to ask any other questions.